Traditional DMX RGB/RGBW LED flood lights are connected by DMX cables. But sometimes this job is difficult when the lights need to be installed on very high light poles or the distance between each two lights is too long. At these situations it is a difficult job to chain all lights together by cables. But fortunately our wireless DMX solution can solve this problem.

dmx rgb rgbw flood lights for pitch

1. Wireless DMX RGB/RGBW LED flood light system

The whole system consists of a DMX controller, a DMX wireless transmitter and numbers of wireless DMX RGB/RGBW LED flood lights.

wireless solution rgb rgbw led flood light

DMX Controller

You can use our DMX controller or buy it in your local market.

dmx dmx512 controller

DMX wireless transmitter

The DMX wireless transmitter is a device which coverts electrical DMX signals to wireless signals. It is with an antenna. Its radiation distance can reach several thousands of kilometers.

dmx wireless transmitter

DMX RGB/RGBW LED flood light

We need to do a little change for the DMX flood light. We need to add a wireless receiver and an antenna for each light. They will catch the wireless signals from the transmitter and convert them to electrical DMX signals, and then pass them to the DMX decoder of the flood light.

dmx wireless rgb rgbw led flood light

2. Combination solution

The combination solution is also wireless, but all lights are connected by cables.

combination solution for wireless dmx flood light

This solution is suitable to use in the situations where the lights are very close to each other but they are far from the controller.

3. The advantages and dis-vantages of DMX wireless solution

  • The whole system is easy to install without connecting DMX cables.
  • Save the cost of DMX cables.
  • The dis-vantage is that the whole system should be added an extra wireless transmitter and each light should be added a receiver. The cost of the whole system is a little higher.

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