What is DMX or DMX512 Lighting

what is dmx or dmx512 lighting

If you are engaged in LED light business, I think sometimes you might hear DMX or DMX512 lighting. But what is it?

what is dmx512

1. What is DMX512?

DMX512 is a standard for digital communication networks that are commonly used to control stage lighting and effects. DMX is short for "Digital Multiplex", 512 means 512 color channels. DMX has also expanded to uses in non-theatrical interior and architectural lighting, at scales ranging from strings of Christmas lights to electronic billboards and stadium or arena concerts.

We don't want to talk about the physical characteristics of DMX512 deeply here. We only need to understand that it is a digital data protocol and widely used in lighting systems. In the field of LED lighting, we often call DMX512 as DMX.

2. DMX Lighting System

Normally a DMX lighting system consists of a controller, numbers of decoders and numbers of lighting devices.

dmx lighting system

Remark: each lighting device has its own decoders.

dmx lighting system by sharing the same decoder

Remark: all lighting devices share the same decoder.

The controller transfers DMX signals to the decoders, which will decode and convert the DMX signals to R/G/B electrical signals. Then the lighting devices can show different colors, brightness or effects.

Normally the controller is programmable. It can be operated by a PC software or is with built-in programs. The lighting devices are chained by DMX cables. Many lighting devices has integrated the decoders. Such as our DMX flood light.


dmx512 controller


dmx decoder

DMX LED light

dmx led light

DMX cable

dmx cable

3. DMX Applications

During the recent years, the DMX lighting systems are more and more popular for they can build wonderful atmospheres for scenes. DMX LED lights are widely used for commercial buildings, churches, holiday houses, amusement parks, stages, bridges, landscapes, towers, etc.


dmx led lights for landscapes


dmx led lights for churches

Holiday house

dmx led flood lights for holiday house

Commercial tall building

dmx led lights for commercial buidings


dmx led lights for tower

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