UV UVC Light Ultraviolet Lamp Killing Covid-19 Coronavirus

  • uv uvc light ultraviolet lamp killing covid-19 coronavirus
  • uv light for killing covid-19
  • uvc light for killing new coronavirus

Brief Description

Can kill New Coronavirus / 2019-nCoV / COVID-19 effectively.

Strong ability for disinfection and sterilization. Fast germicidal time.

Optional 185nm and 254nm wavelength. 185nm wavelength can generate ozone which will strengthen the sterilization ability.

Can be used as air purifier or cleaner.

Four key remote control with 20 Meters Penetrates walls distance, support timer setting with 15/30/60 minutes.

With CE, RoHS, LVD, EMC, FCC certificates, etc.

Widely used in home, hospital, restaurant, school, hotel, etc.



UV UVC Light Ultraviolet Lamp Killing Covid-19 Coronavirus

Model   No.LED PowerVoltageMaterials
ZL-TL-G03838WAC185-265V /
Metal + ABS
Type of TubeWavelengthDimensionBean Angle
Double Quartz Tube185nm (with Ozone) /
Remote ControlTimer OptionsRemote Control
Covering Area
     4 Keys Controlled
     Support Timer Setting
15/30/60 Minutes20 Meters
     Penetrates Walls
60 square meter
Body ColorWorking Temp.CertificationWarranty
Black / White-40°C~60°CCE, ROHS, LVD,
     EMC, FCC
2 Years

Product Show

how to kill covid-19 coronavirus
uv light sterilizer
uv light wavelength 185nm 254nm
uv light with ozone

Frequently Asked Question

Where are you located and how to buy your products?

We are a leading LED light manufacturer located in Guangdong. China, You can easily buy our products no matter where you are. Firstly, please send us an inquiry to tell us your requirement on our website or through email, whatsapp or skype, etc. Then we will send you feedback with our proposal, products and quotation. You will be requested to send us the payment after our deal. And when the payment comes we will arrange the production and send you the goods by air or by sea.

What's your payment term and how can I make the payment?

Normally our payment term is T/T 30% deposit and balance before shipment. For small amount (such as less than 500 USD) you can pay via Paypal, Western Union or MoneyGram. But for large  amount, we will accept bank transfer. We accept different kinds of currency including USD, Euro, GBP, RMB, HKD, YEN, etc.

What's your delivery time and the way of shipment?

Normally the delivery time of our sample is 1-3 days and normal order is 5-15 days depending on the actual quantity of your order. We will arrange the shipment by air express(door to door), normal air freight(to your local airport), sea freight(to your local seaport) or some special shipping ways with duties according to the actual situation.

What's the lifespan of your products?

The lifespan of our LED lights can reach 50,000 hours in theory. But the actual lifespan will be a little shorter due to the influences caused by the actual environment temperature, humidity and the using habit of the end user. According to our experience, our LED lights can be used from 6 to 10 years or more.

How many years of warranty you provide and what are your terms of warranty policy?

Normally we provide 3 or 5 years warranty. During the warranty period, we will send you new products or new parts for replacement if there are any failures. You can come to us whenever you meet any problems.

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